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Language Perfection

 works with different languages and cultures. But language is not just language, and culture is notjust culture. Communication strategies surpass the language to really resonate with your clients. There lies the difference.
The transmitter and the receiver have to bridge their dissonance with professional communication. Communication is different than language. It defines the instructional content between the transmitter and the receiver to fill the gap.

HANDS FOR MARKETING finds the underlying cause of language and culture all the while compensating for inequalities with linguistic finesse. The language or translation is adjusted on country-specific terms and then accurately adapted to the meet the target group’s needs. Texts are adapted to local conditions so they will be better understood. This is good for both, you and your customers.

HANDS FOR MARKETING performs the following operations for you:

  • Translation by a native speaker into German, Swiss German, Dutch, English, and French and vice versa.
  • Language training individually or for groups of specific professions, such as preparation for a (fair) visit in a German-speaking DACH country (Germany, Austria or Switzerland)